Nature Travel : Are we going the right way?

When you are thinking about nature travel, what comes in your mind? Some open pastures, some bushy places and trees which take you far from the city life. Away from fumes of modernity into an area which is full of life and oxygen literally. Just putting the thought of natural travel will bring out the real human in you.

You will think about the place being so beautiful and try to keep it that way by avoiding littering. This is the way to go but does not happen that way right. We enjoy nature generally but seldom do we care for it. Nature tries to remind us but we are living in our own world. Just know the fact that we require nature for living, but nature does not require us. It has been there long before humans appeared and will be there long after we have disappeared.

Some communities which we brand as uncivilized are actually saving the nature from the hazards we are creating. They are the aboriginals in modern language. We should learn conservation from them and make this planet a better place to live. As a hiker I always go on hikes where I am closest to nature and love the way things are. I never try to change them and let the be. That is the way to treat nature, be wary of it use it but please folks stop abusing nature. And another point also stop others from abusing nature too.