Caring for Nature

Caring for Nature

Do not cut trees, plant new ones, care for animals, do not litter. Are we not reading these messages everywhere? But are we acting on them and really caring for the nature which nurtures us? Well I feel very few people are concerned. Still trees are being cut to pave way for roads, airports and comforts and polyethylene bags are littered in the seas and other water bodies. We are creating trouble for ourselves. We cannot stop the road being built but can make our own contribution. Here are some simple ways in which we can make the difference.

  • Be Frugal and recycle : Do not throw away all the plastic bottles you bought. You can reuse them and hence reduce its consumption even so by one unit. If everyone starts doing this much difference can occur.
  • Optimise use of paper and wood : Paper and wood come from trees. So when you are making your office paper-less or buying very few wooden furniture you are actually contributing in not cutting more trees. This simple gesture can help save lots of trees which give us the oxygen we breathe.
  • Do not use animal fur or skin based products – It feels very nice to have python skin shoes or a bear fur coat. Well folks avoid such kind of articles to minimize poaching. If there is no demand for such things no more species will be categorised as endangered.

We can do so much for Nature and in the way we are actually doing it for ourselves. Save Nature Save Humanity.


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