Litter Warning

 I think litter is a major problem which is threatening the health of our planet. All the major cities of the world generate millions of tons of trash every year, and of course it once again comes down to what I keep referring to – over-population. This glut of garbage can be laid squarely at the feet of massive urban populations, and they are known as ‘throw-away societies’ – they just discard their bottles, paper, plastic wherever they are – into rivers, into the sea and into the streets. I was very surprised to read on the Internet that Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country on earth. We’ve all seen the way motorists and truck haulers simply hurl their garbage out of their moving vehicles.

Littering in nature is extremely damaging

Environmentalists tell us that we are harm our storm water systems, our oceans and our wildlife, with many animals dying a horrible death when they’ve swallowed plastic discarded carelessly by the human race. Littering the environment can cause fires too. People who litter simply don’t care about the earth.  care, and to prove this, I’ve joined a group in our neighborhood who have the same concerns that I have and I want to feel I’m doing something for nature, which I have such a strong affinity with.