Banff National Park: Alberta

The natural beauty of Canada is vast and one is lucky if they are able to see some of the highlights of their own country. Banff National Park is the oldest National Park in the Rockies, established in 1885 in the province of Alberta. Within its boundaries are jagged peaks, the highest being Mt. Forbes at 3,612 meters, followed by Mt, Columbia at 2,383 meters and thirdly Mt. Temple at 1,544 meters.

Mt Colombia

Contrasting with the majestic wonder of the surrounding Rockies are serene lakes such as Lake Moraine, a popular destination for families with kayak and canoeing rentals. The town of Banff is the highest city in all of Canada and was discovered by railroad workers who happened upon hot springs near the base of Mount Sulphur. In 1988 Banff was established as a national treasure and the Banff Hotel was built. Within the park is the Banff Park Museum National Historic Site if Canada; this museum is the oldest, built in 1903. It includes historical facts and activities for children. Camping, day hiking as well as some of the world’s best rock climbing are some of the ways one can interact with the natural world and benefit from the solace outdoor experiences bring to us.

For the avid fishing fan regulations vary lake to lake and a license is required.

Lake Moraine at sunrise
Lake Moraine at sunrise