Canada Deforestation facts

Tree Plantation in Canada

Lumbering is a major business in Canada. So what about deforestation? Well surprisingly Canada is the country with one of the lowest deforestation. Only 0.02% of the forests are lost. The government has not taken deforestation lightly as it affects the soil, biodiversity and ultimately the climate. The law in Canada makes health management of forests a major issue. Here are some facts about Canada and Deforestation.

Lowest deforestation rate – Yes 25 years back deforestation was rapid. However taking into account the figures today only 2 trees out of 10000 are lost. That makes it an annual deforestation rate of 0.02%. In fact deforestation rates are dipping every year, thanks to excellent control by the government.

Logging causes deforestation is a myth – Deforestation means converting forest land permanently for other uses. Logging is done in Canada but is followed by Plantation to keep the forests intact. In fact a series of programs with plantation and natural growth of forests are undertaken to maintain the biodiversity. In fact logging industry is responsible for most of the plantation.10 trees are planted for every tree taken down.

Most rigorous laws for deforestation – Unlike popular belief Canada laws make cutting trees very difficult. You can read more about the laws here. The forests lost to forest fires and insects cannot qualify as deforestation. The deforestation done is essential for economic growth.