Greener Canada: Reducing Energy Costs for Homeowners

Greener Canada - Green Attic Hatch

Recently, I have read a lot about the initiative Greener Canada, and how this can be achieved. There are thousands of articles on the topic of creating a Greener Canada, and I was impressed by an article which featured a 38-year-old company building doors and windows. Now you would be wondering how does a door and window manufacturer help with the environment and sustainability.

Well, it’s by reducing their use of energy. The innovation and Positive action, plant a tree towards minimising the use of energy are the driving forces behind this company. Now, let me share with you the name of the company which is also very cool – ‘All Weather Windows’.

The main concern with windows is that they are built after the house is done and they have a great impact on the structural integrity. They have been the pioneer of V-weld technology which increases the strength of windows. Houses in Canada have to be air tight as it has really harsh winters, and here is where the latest innovation by the aforesaid company comes into play. The innovation is about Attic Hatch which has been a concern for house builders. Private framing required more time and the aluminium frame used did not meet zero energy requirements. The innovative product of a thermally broken PVC frame by All Weather Windows has solved the problem. It has not only reduced air flow but also reduced the cost of frames which can be now ordered after measuring. This is a really cool way of building a greener home and saving money in the process. Kudos to All Weather Windows for reducing the cooling and heating cost through this innovative product.