Conservation : Keeping an Eye on the Health of Polar Bears

Conservation of Polar Bears : Poop glitter

When innovation meets conservation the news becomes viral. This is what happened at Assiniboine Park Zoo conservation program. The officials at the zoo took a revolutionary step by introducing glittering colouring matter in the food of Polar bears. People think that Polar bears poop glitter all in the name of conservation is not good. But they do not know the research going behind it. Let me take you through what the glitter in the poop means. The glitter is used to tag different bears and then examine their faeces. This has led to a treasure of data. Among many things that can be monitored by glitter tagging the poop is stress hormones.

By examining the faeces the stress hormones can be monitored helping to give personal care to the bears. Using the scat is a more natural way to monitor hormones. No more need of drawing blood for conducting tests. This unique way of coding and testing helps to monitor males and females for sex hormones spike also. The scientists are very excited as this can be the answer to polar bear survival. The glitter in the poop is not just a viral news but vital for polar bear survival. If you are in Canada make sure you visit the Assiniboine Park Zoo to see it for yourself.