The correlation between nature and mental health

The correlation between nature and mental health

Going out to the mountains, fields and forests is a past time for many a city dweller these days, but is this something they do for fun, or is it a deep need to get back out to the smells and sensations of the earth? Many will attest to enjoying the peace, the quietness, and the fresh air. Health is the main reason most people chose to live in the countryside or regularly visit, even if they are not fully aware of this instinct themselves. Is it any coincidence then that treating people with mental health problems, by advising them to spend time in nature, might actually have positive results? Nature and mental health are intimately connected. In fact, Adose of natureis just what the doctor ordered. As mental health problems increase, many health officials are seeking more simple solutions to the modern epidemic. Nature and mental health are being re-evaluated as long lost siblings. If by visiting a forest, or hiking, or going to the beach we might avoid the barrage of other more severe treatments, would this not be the better road to go down?