Nature conservation activities that are fun for kids

Nature conservation activities

Forests are perfect for family bonding as well as learning about and having a deeper connection with nature. Teach your kids about the natural world around them next time you are outdoors by carrying out these easy-to-do, fun nature conservation activities. In fact, you are also likely to have fun as you watch your child’s face light up with curiosity and wonderment. The next time you are in a wooded location, teach your kids the importance of the leafy branches and tangled roots of trees as a home for plants and animals. During this session, have the young one’s inventory plants and animals living around, on and in trees. This will help them understand how animals and plants depend on trees in various ways. Carry out fun art and craft activities for children, whether indoors or outdoors. One way to do this is by having your kids create a nature scrapbook where they can store some treasured materials from nature, like differently shaped leaves. You can also make 3D birds, create animal face masks or even a kaleidocycle. To make the kaleidocycle, you need string and glue. You can download an A3 instruction sheet featuring animals, and follow the instructions within on folding and careful sticking. The kaleidocycle is best for intermediate-aged kids and older. learning about conservation can be fun for kids, and also yourself. Indulging your kids with these and many more nature conservation activities helps them connect with nature and conservation. For maximal retention, expose your kids to ecology in a straightforward and practical fun manner – they will be more thoughtful of nature and appreciate it even more.