Nature conservation and preservation in Canada

Nature conservation and preservation

“Nature conservation and preservation” is the duty of every member of the society. We gain a lot from nature such clean air for breathing and fresh water in rivers and lakes and as such, we should strive to preserve and conserve our environment. In the spirit of nature conservation and preservation, a citizen’s group in Canada have been fighting to conserve the environment from pollution through industrial activities. They petitioned the Local council to purchase about 153 hectares of wilderness land from a development company. The land that was secured is now a public park. Purcells Cove Backlands wilderness park promoted by residents is very popular with the citizens for hiking, camping, swimming, skating canoeing and other outdoor activities. Their air is fresh and the water is unpolluted. Families can enjoy their time together in this beautiful park. The efforts and determination of people from this region indicate that everything is possible if we fight as a group. Let’s join our hands in conserving our environment.