Forest conservation in Canada

What exactly is forest conservation? The protection and conservation of forests are actually very different things, but both approaches help to maintain healthy ecosystems. Forest protection is about the creation of areas which are legally protected, for instance, areas that enable wildlife around. Forest conservation includes a wide range of activities to manage the forests and achieve good health and biodiversity. The NCC (Nature Conservancy of Canada) has helped to protect 696,840 acres of forests throughout Canada. They work tirelessly in a wide range of forests, which each have their own unique needs and characteristics. The TD Forests program has also conserved habitats in more than 40,000 acres in 25 separate projects. Canada’s forests are places of irreplaceable beauty but also play an important role in life. Our Forests regulate the climate, they clean our water. absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen for us and give shelter for a whole host of species. More than half of Canada is covered by forests, nearly 10 percent of the total in the world. As such, Canadians take their conservation responsibilities very seriously. When Ed Smith publicly questioned the NPCA board’s ethics and its proposal to develop on Carolinian swampland, he was served a $200,000 lawsuit for defamation. The story even made the headline news with newspapers running articles of “Niagara conservation authority used public money to hire lobbyists”


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