Caring for Nature

Caring for Nature

Do not cut trees, plant new ones, care for animals, do not litter. Are we not reading these messages everywhere? But are we acting on them and really caring for the nature which nurtures us? Well I feel very few people are concerned. Still trees are being cut to pave way for roads, airports and comforts and polyethylene bags are littered in the seas and other water bodies. We are creating trouble for ourselves. We cannot stop the road being built but can make our own contribution. Here are some simple ways in which we can make the difference.

  • Be Frugal and recycle : Do not throw away all the plastic bottles you bought. You can reuse them and hence reduce its consumption even so by one unit. If everyone starts doing this much difference can occur.
  • Optimise use of paper and wood : Paper and wood come from trees. So when you are making your office paper-less or buying very few wooden furniture you are actually contributing in not cutting more trees. This simple gesture can help save lots of trees which give us the oxygen we breathe.
  • Do not use animal fur or skin based products – It feels very nice to have python skin shoes or a bear fur coat. Well folks avoid such kind of articles to minimize poaching. If there is no demand for such things no more species will be categorised as endangered.

We can do so much for Nature and in the way we are actually doing it for ourselves. Save Nature Save Humanity.


Keep Your Date with Nature

As I’ve said my wife and I both love nature and we regard it as a gift. If you’re feeling down, there isn’t anything quite like nature to uplift you. Living in Canada gives us plenty of opportunity to get out and about. You don’t have to travel to faraway places, although we do that with great enjoyment from time to time, but there is extraordinary nature right on our doorstep. I don’t like to dish out advice to people, especially when no-one has asked for any, but if I can give anyone a good tip, I will say get walking – and better still, do it in nature. Living in Montreal, there are awesome walking opportunities around our city, and the Mount Royal Park is a place that we’ve opted for, with heaps of hiking and backpacking opportunities. There are so many marvelous nature parks and you can walk through wetlands, forests and even shoreline marsh.

mount royal park  a place to be

I have to mention the brilliant trail system in the forested parts of Angrignon Park in LaSalle, because there are not many cities in the world where you can walk out of a subway and then make off into the woods. When you’re finished with a walk in nature, you’ll be doing yourself a favour in different ways – getting fitter for sure, but that break away from the city and into fresh air is a date with nature that I’m always going to keep.

3 Major challenges faced by Nature

Aliens laughing at Human Development

When we talk about nature it is the whole ecosystem. It includes land and sea, plants and animals and even the atmosphere. However the acts of humans are disturbing the balance. The so called development juggernaut has crushed and destroyed natural resources. The developed world is facing toxic poisoning from chemicals produced by us. These have resulted in the current state of the world which faces many negative impacts of the plunder of nature. Some of the factors contributing to the accelerated destruction of nature are :

  • Ever growing Human Population – Humans or “Homo Sapiens”  and Virus have one thing in common, unheralded growth. We have controlled deaths by medicine but have not been able to control birth in the same rate. This has led to a burgeoning population. This is the root cause of all other factors which are directly or indirectly associated. Controlling population is not all possible, unless some step is taken which is revolutionary.
  • Deforestation – Trees give more to earth than take, and we just cut them. Should not be cutting trees be branded as a serious crime with a punishment to deter. Humans have depleted the forest almost completely. 80% of total forest cover is not there. Does the excuse of settlement area or development stand? Well nature will take its toll.
  • Rapid Industrialization – Factories sending poisonous fumes and polluting the air. The chemical effluents poisoning our rivers and seas. What kind of development is this? Well nature is replying with acid rain, climate change and more diseases coming to us.

We need to not only realize the facts but also act soon. If we do not act, soon we will destroy the place we live in- The planet earth along with nature as we call it. There will be no need for aliens to destroy us.

Nature Travel : Are we going the right way?

When you are thinking about nature travel, what comes in your mind? Some open pastures, some bushy places and trees which take you far from the city life. Away from fumes of modernity into an area which is full of life and oxygen literally. Just putting the thought of natural travel will bring out the real human in you.

You will think about the place being so beautiful and try to keep it that way by avoiding littering. This is the way to go but does not happen that way right. We enjoy nature generally but seldom do we care for it. Nature tries to remind us but we are living in our own world. Just know the fact that we require nature for living, but nature does not require us. It has been there long before humans appeared and will be there long after we have disappeared.

Some communities which we brand as uncivilized are actually saving the nature from the hazards we are creating. They are the aboriginals in modern language. We should learn conservation from them and make this planet a better place to live. As a hiker I always go on hikes where I am closest to nature and love the way things are. I never try to change them and let the be. That is the way to treat nature, be wary of it use it but please folks stop abusing nature. And another point also stop others from abusing nature too.