Vacation Spots around the World

Vacation spots in the Sun

With ever increasing globalization throughout the world, traveling has become easier and more convenient than ever. So, I would like to mention three of the top vacation spots that are worth a visit. I would like to start off with Istanbul, Turkey. Even though the country has been going through some tough times, it shouldn’t deter you from a visit to Istanbul. The scents and smells of the spices and Turkish cuisine will be sure to stay with you even when you leave. Wander around the beautiful, ancient bazaars with old carpets and Turkish lamps all around you, not to mention the incredible architecture of the mosques and old Ottoman buildings. The second city I would like to suggest is Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is one of the best vacation spots if you want a real cultural experience and some time off from the beach. The Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle are awe inspiring to say the least. Just being in the main square and really feeling the city is an experience in itself. The nightlife is something to be seen as well. Prague’s best bars are found in old cellars. The last city is Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Playa del Carmen is known as one of the best dive sites in the world. It’s a much more modern city compared to the village it once was. If you don’t dive, then you can golf or enjoy the wonderful shopping areas they have as well. All of these destinations deserve at least one long visit!


Banff National Park: Alberta

The natural beauty of Canada is vast and one is lucky if they are able to see some of the highlights of their own country. Banff National Park is the oldest National Park in the Rockies, established in 1885 in the province of Alberta. Within its boundaries are jagged peaks, the highest being Mt. Forbes at 3,612 meters, followed by Mt, Columbia at 2,383 meters and thirdly Mt. Temple at 1,544 meters.

Mt Colombia

Contrasting with the majestic wonder of the surrounding Rockies are serene lakes such as Lake Moraine, a popular destination for families with kayak and canoeing rentals. The town of Banff is the highest city in all of Canada and was discovered by railroad workers who happened upon hot springs near the base of Mount Sulphur. In 1988 Banff was established as a national treasure and the Banff Hotel was built. Within the park is the Banff Park Museum National Historic Site if Canada; this museum is the oldest, built in 1903. It includes historical facts and activities for children. Camping, day hiking as well as some of the world’s best rock climbing are some of the ways one can interact with the natural world and benefit from the solace outdoor experiences bring to us.

For the avid fishing fan regulations vary lake to lake and a license is required.

Lake Moraine at sunrise
Lake Moraine at sunrise

Keep Your Date with Nature

As I’ve said my wife and I both love nature and we regard it as a gift. If you’re feeling down, there isn’t anything quite like nature to uplift you. Living in Canada gives us plenty of opportunity to get out and about. You don’t have to travel to faraway places, although we do that with great enjoyment from time to time, but there is extraordinary nature right on our doorstep. I don’t like to dish out advice to people, especially when no-one has asked for any, but if I can give anyone a good tip, I will say get walking – and better still, do it in nature. Living in Montreal, there are awesome walking opportunities around our city, and the Mount Royal Park is a place that we’ve opted for, with heaps of hiking and backpacking opportunities. There are so many marvelous nature parks and you can walk through wetlands, forests and even shoreline marsh.

mount royal park  a place to be

I have to mention the brilliant trail system in the forested parts of Angrignon Park in LaSalle, because there are not many cities in the world where you can walk out of a subway and then make off into the woods. When you’re finished with a walk in nature, you’ll be doing yourself a favour in different ways – getting fitter for sure, but that break away from the city and into fresh air is a date with nature that I’m always going to keep.

Nature Travel : Are we going the right way?

When you are thinking about nature travel, what comes in your mind? Some open pastures, some bushy places and trees which take you far from the city life. Away from fumes of modernity into an area which is full of life and oxygen literally. Just putting the thought of natural travel will bring out the real human in you.

You will think about the place being so beautiful and try to keep it that way by avoiding littering. This is the way to go but does not happen that way right. We enjoy nature generally but seldom do we care for it. Nature tries to remind us but we are living in our own world. Just know the fact that we require nature for living, but nature does not require us. It has been there long before humans appeared and will be there long after we have disappeared.

Some communities which we brand as uncivilized are actually saving the nature from the hazards we are creating. They are the aboriginals in modern language. We should learn conservation from them and make this planet a better place to live. As a hiker I always go on hikes where I am closest to nature and love the way things are. I never try to change them and let the be. That is the way to treat nature, be wary of it use it but please folks stop abusing nature. And another point also stop others from abusing nature too.

Great Adventure Travel Destinations

Trekking in a Jungle

Adventure travel is the travel that is associated with some kind of risk and which requires some physical exertions and some special kind of skills. The adventurous traveler will take up activities like, mountain climbing, rock climbing and bungee jumping on mountainous terrain. It could be snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing or sailing in the seas and oceans, or trekking through a jungle or a desert.

In adventure travel that will involve activities that will challenge you, you are stepping out of the comfort zone. It gives the ultimate adrenaline rush. Adventure tourism involves various kinds of activities that are physically challenging, close to nature and involves cultural challenges. We will try to list the nine destinations that are great for adventure activities. It is not an easy task as there are adventurous spots all over the world.

Dubai the business and the adventure

Sand Boarding

Dubai is the place where the business flourishes. Almost all global companies have their presence here. However there is another side of the place. The extreme motoring across the golden sands of the desert is a liberating experience. The sand dunes offer a great place for sand-boarding and racing.

The desert safari across the vast and sun soaked desert will help you learn about the Eco system in arid deserts. You can also camp in the night, but do not forget warm clothes as it gets really chilly in the night. Do not miss the camel ride, it is quite an experience.

Trek through snow caves in the Southern Alps

Snow Cave Hiking

The fox glacier is 1000 feet above sea level and has snow caves measuring eight miles. Gear up for the ultimate trek in icy conditions. The tunneling caves are mind-boggling, and you can do snow climbing also at the same spot. The glacier rises up to 8000 feet.

Carry snow trekking and hiking equipment and enjoy the blue ice of the glacier. You can also take an aerial view of Mount Cook the highest peak on a helicopter.

Camping and hiking in Romania

Hiking in Romania

Romania is best known as the home to the famous Dracula character created by Bam Stoker. The country is a good place for hiking and camping. The Carpathian Mountains provide a great place for hikers and campers. You can also explore the medieval villages and castles the traditional way – On a horse-back.

The country also offers different water forms in the Danube delta. You can boat through the canals and lakes.  A great place for all kinds of adventures with a difference.

Run with Kangaroos and Play with Koalas, Australia

Kangaroo and Koala unique to Australia

No adventure place list is complete without the mention of the island Continent. With less than 35% of populated land, the place is full of natural Eco-systems. Whether it be the Great Barrier Reef or the Victorian desert you will never run out of options.

The home to unique species due to its isolation from the other land masses, it is the place for adventure tourism. Just come and enjoy the hospitality and most important the untouched nature.