Top 10 things to do in Ibiza

Ibiza from Seafront

Hi, today I will be telling you about an island in Spain where we had our honeymoon in December 2011.An island in eastern Spain, Ibiza is a tourist’s delight. It is in the Mediterranean Sea and 79 km from Valencia. It is famous for its night life and the amazing electronic music. The music is the spirit of Ibiza. It is home to the Balearic an autonomous community in Spain. Ibiza town has been declared a UNESCO heritage site and visited by millions of tourists every year.

Tourists’ have many options in Ibiza town. I am trying to put forward some popular and some lesser known activities.

  • History watching in old streets of Ibiza – You can go strolling in the streets of Ibiza town in the night. Famous for its night life, the city looks like a town right out of Grimm’s fairy tales. Numerous bars, cafe and restaurants are open whole night. The clubs offer a lot for enjoyment. A captivating experience for all with the government making it more family friendly in recent years.
  • Water skiing and Sailing – It is one of the fun things to do off coast of Ibiza. You can go skiing behind a speedboat or do some sailing in a sail boat. You will get a beautiful view of the ocean in all its glory. Especially the skiing is a fun thing to do in these waters with many options available. You can also go speed boating and experience the rush of adrenaline.
  • Eat Exotic Spanish dishes – In Ibiza you can relish the classical Paella, a rice dish cooked most of the times with crunchy snails. Earlier rabbit and chicken were also used in the dish but now seafood has taken over. This is a dish you should not miss. Saffron flavor adds to the taste. The taste is incomparable and many restaurants offer this great dish. Another delicacy is the Spanish black rice cooked with squid. It is really amazing and a must try for people who love seafood.
  • See Es Vedra – A visit to Ibiza is incomplete without visiting the 400 meter high rock in the sea. It looks like straight out of a fantasy movie. It is a natural marvel and best time to watch its beauty is the sunset. The best place for sunset photography. The landscape is jaw-dropping stuff.
  • Fireworks in old town– You should watch the night sky in Ibiza particularly on 15th August 15 is a national holiday and particularly celebrated in Ibiza. If by any chance you are here on 15th August you will get a life time experience. Regular fireworks are also now done round the year for tourism, but none like on 15th August.
  • Drumming party on Benirras Beach – Dance to the thrumming drums and bongos at the picturesque Benirras beach. Each Sunday is a night out where the party starts at sunset and continues till sunrise.
  • Visit to Ibiza Castle– The castle gives a top view of the old town, and is known as Elvissa Castle locally. Built in the 12th Century it is and evidence of architecture in those days. It is a mix of various architectural designs of medieval and even Islamic. Only outside arena is open for visit but still it is worth it.
  • A different kind of bath – You will really enjoy the mud bath experience in Ibiza. The fun come with great beauty effects on your skin. The mud bath will cleanse your skin and remove the blemishes. It works as a therapy. When I took the bath I did not want it to end. It was so much fun.
  • Shop in the old town – There is no limit for shopping lovers. You get an incredible range of things in old town market. Whether it is clothing or little mementos you will love the experience of buying here.
  • Sunbathing at Talamanca – Enjoy the sun in the morning, noon and evening at the Talamanca the main beach of Ibiza town. Lovely sea view and the clear waters will lift your spirits.

There are many more things to do at Ibiza, and one visit will not be enough. Come again and again to this part of the world. Every experience will be a new one.